Will Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters Propel Star Logan Lerman To DiCaprio-esque Heights?

The Percy Jackson series of fantasy novels is one of the most popular YA series of the last decade. After the monster success of the Twilight franchise, Hollywood went in search of the next big franchise that they could cultivate from the YA well. Some of tanked (*cough* Beautiful Creatures *cough), but the first Percy film, 2010’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, did well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel. Thanks to our friends over at MTV Movies, we’re excited to share the new trailer for the sequel, Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters, with you this morning.

This film stars up-and-coming star Logan Lerman (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower), and is set to be released on August 16. The first film wasn’t able to break the $100 million mark domestically, but according to Box Office Mojo, more than recouped its $95 million production budget by grossing some $225 million worldwide during its theatrical run. This film looks to build on the success of the first, as well as the growing name recognition of star Lerman. Will this be the film that turns him into a DiCaprio-esque heartthrob? We’ll find out this summer!