Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style Evolution: Who Doesn’t Love a Cozy Tunic?

In today’s edition of our tireless Kim Kardashian Maternity Style Evolution coverage, we give you KK in yet another flippy ice-skating skirt (at least this one falls closer to her kneecaps than her cha-cha)…and a comfy tunic than she actually looks comfortable in! We love seeing Kimmy look so chill in form-fitting sweats and comfy tunic — but we cannot support the sheer-blouse-and-high-waisted-skirt retread. It’s not a maternity-friendly ensemble, and frankly, we’re bummed by her attempts to hide her voluptuous pregnant bod, rather than embrace it.

We have a feeling her bump-hiding behavior is a direct result of the unkind, woman-hating fat jokes cropping up on blogs and in tabloids (so evil). On Jay Leno last Thursday, she addressed the issue, saying, “It’s a little bully-ish to call a pregnant woman fat. I mean what do you expect! I’m a little heavy. It’s just kind of mean, the comments I see, [like] ’She’s wearing heels!’ They make me feel sexy while I’m heavier…so if they make me feel good, my baby will feel good.”

Don’t listen to the haters, Kimmy. You’re a gorgeous mom-to-be and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Want more of the 32-year-old bombshell’s pregnancy style? Click through our exhaustive gallery, below.

  • Amazing Lace

  • Feelin’ Blue

  • The Mane Event

  • Birds of a Feather

  • Strong Statement

  • White Hot

  • Dark Beauty

  • Easy Breezy

  • Yellow Fever

  • Suit Up

  • Skirting the Issue

  • Kinda Messy

  • I Would Die 4 U

  • Black on Black on Black

  • Little Black Dress

  • Nude Tones

  • Missed the Mark

  • Maternity MuuMuu

  • Sunglasses at Night

  • Rich Bitch

  • So Cool

  • Never Again

  • Kinda Kute

  • Gorge in Grey

  • Sheer, My Dear

  • Flat Out

  • Cold-hearted Snake

  • Hippie Dippy

  • Sparkle Chic

  • Maxi Miss

  • Cute in Coral

  • Wind Beneath Her Wings

  • Red Alert

  • Silver Belle

  • Green Day

  • These Boots Were Made For…

  • Dress Mess

  • Chic Surprise

  • Tone on Tone

  • The Blues

  • Frock Fail

  • Frankly Scarlet

  • Long Story

  • Bikin Babe

  • Little Black Dress

  • Red Hot

  • Cute Blazer

  • The White Stuff

  • So Classic

  • The Big Squeezey

  • I Dream of Kimmie

  • Pop of Color

  • So Sophia

  • Just…Why?

[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News]

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