Celebrities Before And After Rehab: Does It Work?

This week Glee star Cory Monteith announced that he was entering rehab for substance abuse problems and reports emerged that Lindsay Lohan would also enter rehab–provided they didn’t take away her Adderall.

Both Monteith and Lohan have been in rehab in the past (Monteith in his teens and Lohan numerous times in the last few years), which begs the question: does rehab even work for celebrities?

There’s no doubt that the road to recovery is tough for anyone, famous or not. It’s a constant struggle. But is it ever successful for celebrities who have to wage their private battles in public and whose work plunges them into the worlds of vice on a daily (or nightly) basis?

We looked at ten famous survivors of the rehab experience to look at their life before–and after–rehab.

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