Emma Watson Photo Shoot For GQ Has Fans Wondering Is That Tattoo Real?

We know Emma Watson couldn’t have just gone on being Hermoine Granger forever, but her tattoo-filled spread in the upcoming issues of British GQ scratching their heads and wondering just how much of a rebel the English rose has become!

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Her Pretty Woman-inspired outfit showed off what appears to be a galaxy of ink on her inner thigh. Or is it lower torso? We don’t know, we failed bio. In any event, the body art is causing some of her fans to question whether it’s for real, or if it’s just part of her bad girl Bling Ring attire. In any event, the cover is easily her all-time hottest, as the 22-year-old has certainly been pumping up the sexy factor in recent months. Is it because of that time airport security thought she was a small child? Yeah, there’s no way we’d make that mistake! Head on up to the gallery above to catch her 25 most grown-up looks. Somewhere in Hogwarts, Hermoine sits shocked.

[Photo: GQ/Getty Images]

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