Bikini Vacation Face-Off: Rihanna, Jessica Alba And LeAnn Rimes Strip Down

It seemed that this was the weekend that spring truly sprung, at least here in the northeast. Folks of every kind stripped off their North Faces and enjoyed the sun in its full glory, and it looks like celebrities were doing the same thing! Except, they did it better, as celebrities often do. Mega-hotties Rihanna, Jessica Alba and LeAnn Rimes were all spotted gettin’ down in their two pieces by the water.

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Riri (naturally) took it upon herself to show off her assets via Instagram with a sneaky backward glancing shot. Taken by Chris Brown, perhaps? We’ll never be sure, but we can sure speculate! The good girl gone bad looked so good in her leopard print suit.

Jessica was seen living it up on a Caribbean beach over the weekend, too. Despite having had two kids already, she looks just as flawless as she did during her Into The Blue years. And LeAnn took a break from beefing with Brandi Glanville to pose poolside, too. It’s what they do, people. Check out more in the gallery above!

[Photo: Twitter/Splash News Online]

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