Faux Real: 10 Fake Movies and Shows We’d Pay to See!

In a cruel twist of pop culture fate, some of our most beloved movies, TV series, and musicals only exist in other movies, TV series, and musicals! From SMASH’s fictional Broadway show, Marilyn, to Scream’s delightfully meta Stab series, we rounded up our favorite shows-within-a-show — now someone get on Kickstarter and get these gems made.

The film-within-a-film genre is as old as Singing in the Rain (which follows the behind-the-scenes drama of a faux silent movie shoot). In most cases, the fake shows are meant to be over-the-top gags, so they end up feeling extra silly. But in a few special cases — think Argo’s sci-fi thriller or 30 Rock’s Jenna vehicle, The Rural Juror — the shows are such camptastic gems, that we actually wish they were real.

Click through the gallery to check out our favorite meta movie moments!

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