Last Lap: Is Miranda Kerr Losing Her Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings?

Plus, how can fans get a sneak peak of an exclusive Iron Man 3 clip before it airs during the MTV Movie Awards? What does Teen Mom Farrah want in exchange for her “sex tape” with porn star James Deen? All this, plus is there meaning in Michelle Williams’s new short ’do?

  • Rumors are swirling that supermodel Miranda Kerr is about to be given the axe by Victoria’s Secret. The company won’t confirm the rumors, but reports of her diva behavior are to blame and it’s unclear if she’s just being cut from print campaigns or the title of “angel” altogether. []
  • An extended preview of Iron Man 3 will premiere at this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, but if fans band together, a teaser snippet might be released sooner. Use the Twitter hashtag #UnlockIronMan, and if enough fans get together, the sneak peak will be unleashed upon the world. [MTV News]
  • Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham confirmed today that she did in fact film a porno–and not a “sex tape”–with porn star James Deen. However, we might never get to see the final product of her hard work because Farrah will only release it if she gets $2 million for it. []
  • Michelle Williams debuted an edgy new short hair cut this week. Williams had said before that she was growing out her hair, but then again, she’s also said in the past that she keeps it short in memory of deceased ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger. [US Magazine]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]