This Kiss, This Kiss: Which Smooch Deserves a 2013 MTV Movie Award?

The MTV Movie Awards air this Sunday, people — and as per ushe, one of the most eagerly anticipated categories is Best Kiss! Past winners have included everyone from lusty aliens to hormone-soaked American Pie stars, and this year’s race is just as varied (and delightfully random).The Best Kiss category is always hotly contested: A.) because who doesn’t enjoy watching hot people make out, and B.) because, admit it, you’re quietly judging each contestant’s kissing game (you know, points off for confrontational tongue action; bonus points for the passionate face grab…). Click through the gallery below to take in  2013’s five nominees, and let us know who you think will take home the Golden Popcorn.

  • moonrise-kingdom

  • django

  • ted

  • walllflower

  • silver-linings

Need a refresher on what it takes to be an award-winning make-out? Check out this video featuring twenty years of Best Kisses! Here, have an Altoid, first.

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