Who Had The Hottest Arm Candy At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards?

Anyone who’s anyone in the movie is attending the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles tonight. The show is not only honoring the best movie moments of the past year, but is also paying tribute to the Comedic Genius Will Ferrell, the Trailblazer Emma Watson, and the MTV Generation Award winner Jamie Foxx. That’s all well and good, but what we REALLY want to know is who showed up on who’s arm to tonight’s ceremony?

  • Jamie Foxx + Kerry Washington

  • Kim Kardashian + Kylie Jenner

  • Macklemore + Ryan Lewis

  • Ronnie + Sam

  • Rupaul + Drag Queen

  • Seth Rogen + Lauren Miller

  • Snooki + Steve Carell

  • Snoop Dogg + Kesha

  • 166439774TM00001_2013_MTV_M

  • Vinny + Melanie Iglesias

The night’s big winner sure looks to be Jamie Foxx, who not only took home the aforementioned Generation Award, but also showed up with the radiant Kerry Washington as his Arm Candy. Then again, maybe Jamie is Kerry’s Arm Candy? Either way, this is one hellafine couple (are they a couple? We’re not entirely sure!).

Take a spin through our gallery of the Top 10 Arm Candy moments from the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, and flip over to MTV tonight to watch the rest of the show!

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[Photo: Getty Images]