The Top 10 Movies That Would Be Improved With Sex Scenes

Last month, Entertainment Weekly published an article lamenting–and explaining–the recent dearth of amazing, steamy, hardcore sex scenes in movies. Apparently, movie studios are pushing for PG-13 ratings to coax younger filmgoers, which makes sense, money-wise, but at what creative cost? AT WHAT COST?

We came up with 10 movies that could have easily soared to greater artistic heights with some low down and dirty bumping and grinding.

  • argo

  • the_host

  • hugo

  • jennifer_lawrence

  • jurassic_park

  • hugh_jackman_russell_crowe

  • lincoln

  • lord_of_the_rings

  • mars_needs_moms

  • jessica_chastain

The ten films in our list were all made with passion, but in the end, passion is missing from what’s transpiring on screen. Sure, less is sometimes more and it’s “sexier” to leave some things to the imagination. But since the beginning of storytelling, entertainment is all about catharsis. It’s about release. It’s about climax. It’s about boobies.

These ten films need more boobies.

[Photo Credit: The Hunger Games: Lionsgate; Zero Dark Thirty: Columbia Pictures; Titanic: Paramount; Argo: Warner Bros.; Jurassic Park: Universal]