The 50 Sexiest Celebrity Nude Magazine Covers Of All Time

Celebrities sell, and sex sells: So whoever had the brilliant idea to take naked pictures of celebrities and smack them on their magazine covers must have been made employee of month! For the past twenty years, famous folks of every stripe have stripped down for mainstream publications, giving us quite the eyeful while standing at the checkout line.

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  • angelina_1.jpg

  • miranda_kerr_1.jpg

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  • mariah_carey_1.jpg

  • jennifer_aniston_1.jpg

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  • kim_kardashian_1.jpg

  • rihanna_1.jpg

  • scarlett_johansson_1.jpg

  • aguilera_1.jpg

  • ashley_judd_1.jpg

  • jessica_simpson_1.jpg

  • brooke_shields_1.jpg

  • britney_1.jpg

  • ciara_1.jpg

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  • lindsey_lohan_1.jpg

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  • rose__1.jpg

  • serena_williams_1.jpg

  • jennifer_lopez_1.jpg

  • jessia_biel_1.jpg

  • kate_hudson_1.jpg

  • kate_winslet_1.jpg

  • keyshia_cole_1.jpg

  • gaga_1

The trend has obviously been around forever, but it really kicked into high gear during the ’90s when iconic photos of Demi Moore, Janet Jackson and Cindy Crawford hit the news stands. Those shots appeared on edgier mags back in the day, but now it seems like everyone is getting off on the whole “naked people” bandwagon. Getting nude ain’t just for porn anymore! Kid’s today…

Just this month Kate Hudson graces the cover of Glamour, sans shirt. Who knew that topless was now glamorous! In honor of hot famous people/nakedness, we’ve taken the time to assemble the 50 sexiest celebrity nude cover photos from mainstream magazines. EVERYONE is in there, from singing bombshells like Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, to silver screen sirens like Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson.

And of course, Rihanna is in there too. Yes, the unexplainable seaweed makes her look kind of like the Loch Ness monster (or sushi) but it doesn’t matter. That’s just the power of Riri. Check out our countdown in the gallery above!

[Photo: Esquire/GQ/Rolling Stone]

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