Miranda Kerr Turns 30! Celebrate With The Victoria’s Secret Angel’s 30 Tiniest Bikinis Ever

The world without Miranda Kerr would be a much darker, much colder, and MUCH less attractive place. Arguably the most angelic of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, the Aussie beauty is always the crowning glory of the catwalk. And she manages to steal the fashion show without wearing (hadly) any clothes! That takes talent, y’all.

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In the past year she was named U.K. Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, and you won’t find any argument here. Sure, she broke our hearts when she ran off with that Orlando Bloom character, but they baby they had together has become so adorable that we somehow got over it. But if the rumors that Victoria’s Secret are giving her the ax turn out to be true, we don’t think we can recover from that.

Today’s a big day for the lovely Ms. Kerr, because she turns the big 3-0! Yes, 30 years old! It’s a big deal. So to pay tribute, we’ve painstakingly tracked down her 30 tiniest bikinis of all time! We measured and everything. OK, to be fair, a few of these might be lingerie combos, but we have a funny feeling that you won’t mind too much, right? Count down with us in the gallery above!

[Photo: Getty Images/Splash News Online]

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