10 Biggest Potheads That Aren’t Snoop Dogg

Happy 4/20. We know your attention span my not be as sharp as it normally is so we’ll keep this brief: These celebs love pot just as much you do.

10. Charlize Theron/Jennifer Lawrence

Both actresses we caught smoking following their Oscar wins for Best Actress. Anyone who celebrates a victory with a dubbie knows what’s up. Bonus points to Charlize for using a pipe made from an apple.

9. Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star doesn’t hide the fact that she enjoys hanging out with Mary Jane. The starlet has been seen multiple times lighting up.


8. Soulja Boy

When you tweet a photo like this there’s no doubting what you enjoy.

7. Seth Rogen

The actor has practically built a career based on stoner comedy and Pineapple Express may have been the unofficial autobiography.

6. Miley Cyrus

Still enjoying her rebellion days, Miley likes to smoke up (and even channel that vibe on her new song with Snoop Dogg err Lion).

5. Gucci Mane

The rapper who also starred in Spring Breakers fell asleep while filming a sex scene because he was so baked.

4. Matthew McConaughey

No one will ever forget the arrest that involved a naked Matthew (pre Magic Mike) playing bongos with weed sitting around the room.

3. Lil Wayne

The rapper has built an image and music career around getting high (at least in most photo shoots).

2. Rihanna

Between the paparazzi and her Instagram, practically ever photo that’s not taken on the red carpet involves her and some variation of marijuana.

1. Jack Nicholson

Probably the biggest pothead in Hollywood, Jack has openly talked about his early days on set when actors would light up between takes. And more recently, the actor has advocated for the legalization of pot and still smokes today.

[Photos: Getty]