First Dibs: Is Reese Witherspoon At All Embarrassed About Her Arrest This Weekend?

Which member of the band 3 Doors Down is in trouble with the law? How did Leonardo DiCaprio make Gwyneth Paltrow the way she is? And what did Amanda Palmer do this time to set the internet against her? All this in today’s First Dibs.

  • Reese Witherspoon says she is “deeply embarrassed” over her arrest this weekend for disorderly conduct. While her husband, Jim Toth, was arrested and booked outside Atlanta for suspected DUI on Friday night, a drunken Witherspoon harassed the cop arresting him by shouting, “Do you know who I am?” [US Magazine]
  • Robert Todd Harrell, bassist for the band 3 Doors Down, has been charged with vehicular homicide. Harrell’s Cadillac CTS struck a pick up truck on an interstate highway in Nashville on Friday night and the ensuing accident killed the pick up driver. [MTV News]
  • In a column for Britain’s Guardian newspaper, Gwyneth Paltrow reveals that Leonardo DiCaprio inspired her to quit eating red meat because he shared with her how “dirty meat is”. She also writes such insightful things like “I’ve lived in England for 10 years and the accent is the most beautiful in the world” and complains about having to eat food on camera. [Guardian]
  • Controversial musician and performance artist Amanda Palmer stirred more internet outrage when she posted a “Poem for Dzhokar” this weekend. The poem addresses one of the Boston Marathon bombers in a sympathetic light and includes lines like, “you don’t know how many vietnamese soft rolls to order”. []

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]