10 Teen Comedies That Should Be Turned Into Musicals

In case you haven’t heard, Darren Stein, director of Jawbreaker, is in the process of turning the dark teen comedy into a musical. Between that and Mean Girls, it got us wondering about what other teen comedies would make great shows on stage.

1. American Graffiti

The soundtrack alone would make it easy to convert this nostalgic portrait of teen life into a pop rock musical. Sure it may be reminiscent of Grease but American Graffiti sports a large cast, a climatic car crash and teen romance.

2. But I’m A Cheerleader

Gay conversion therapy, sexual awakening, cheerleaders. All of this is perfect for a timely, “coming of age” comedy. In 2005, it was adapted for a limited run at New York’s Theatre at St. Clement’s so the work’s already done. Now someone needs to bring in back to the main stage.

3. Clueless

Director Amy Heckerling sparked a media frenzy last year when she said she was working on a stage version of the teen classic. It’s time this jukebox musical happened.

4. Easy A

The movie already comes with one musical number – when Emma Stone sings “Knock On Wood” prior to the finale. But it would be great to watch teens sing about adultery, chlamydia, and the letter A.

5. Election

The dark comedy would be an interesting idea for the stage. It may not seem like the obvious choice but rigging high school elections is great subject matter for a 15 original songs. Right?

6. Heathers

Here’s another teen classic that’s been adapted for the small stage when Andy Finkman, the guy behind Reefer Madness, produced a three-show concert of the film. It even included a rousing number called “My Dead Gay Son.” C’mon this is perfect.

7. Never Been Kissed

The Drew Barrymore flick would be fun as musical – an undercover reporter posing as a student secretly pining for her teacher while trying to become the most popular girl in school. The only thing that would make it perfect if Octavia Spencer reprises her role as Barrymore’s co-worker and best friend.

8. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

This film was built around music with the climax at a secret live show. It would be easy to convert this young love story into a showstopping rock musical.

9. She’s All That

The prom scene from this movie is worth the musical version. That number is already choreographed, someone just needs to hire a bunch of professional dancers to play unsuspecting high school students at a prom. Plus, the want the ponytail, glasses makeover number would surely be dynamite. Just please, no Sixpence None The Richer.

10. Sixteen Candles

John Hughes films seem like the perfect place to look when it comes to adapting teen films for the stage. The Breakfast Club would certainly make a great one scene play but Sixteen Candles has the right amount of zest and comedy to lend itself to song.