15 Cartoon Characters We’re Still Crushing On

They say you never forget your first love, and that’s definitely true for us. We were 3 years old when we fell absolutely head over heals. She was pretty, she was bilingual, and she was animated. We don’t mean she was energetic: she was literally a cartoon. Yes, we were in love with Madeline, the little French orphan. Something in the way those minimal number of lines came together… man, it just did us in.

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  • She-Ra

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  • scooby

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Our relationship was going great for a while, but then trouble struck when our dad informed us that she didn’t, technically, exist. We swore we’d never love again. It took a few decades, but we just about got over it. She was kind of 2 dimensional anyway (*rimshot*).

It seems like most people’s formative romantic feelings were directed at cartoons. We wish we’d figured that out earlier because we could have saved a boatload of cash on therapy bills. But it’s not hard to see why these doodles do it for us: Some of them are undeniably (and occasionally inappropriately) hot! Head on up to the gallery above to check out 15 cartoon characters that we’re still crushing on.

They’re not bad. They’re just drawn that way.

[Photo: Amblin Entertainment/20th Century Fox/Disney]

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