Last Lap: Would Mark Wahlberg Reunite With the Funky Bunch?

American Idol finalists unveil how they select songs for the competition, the cast of Wayne’s World reunites, and sorority girls get some love from the drama geeks.

  • Boston is very much in our hearts and minds following last week’s devastating events. Native son Mark Wahlberg would do anything to help heal his beloved hometown and he apparently hasn’t ruled out doing a fundraiser with the Funky Bunch. We’re rooting for him to make it happen. [TMZ]
  • It’s hard to believe the 1992 flick Wayne’s World just turned 21. Was it really that long ago when we imitated Wayne and Garth headbanging to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody?” The cast reunited in Beverly Hills for a screening of the hit film. [Us Magazine]
  • Ever wonder how American Idol finalists choose the perfect for those show-stopping performances? Get a taste of the creative process. [MTV]
  • In the history of high school cliques, the aspiring thespians never quite mixed with the aspiring sorority girls. But the clip below clearly convinces us that we’ve been wrong all along. (The language is a bit salty and NSFW, heads up!)

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