Warped Words Of Wisdom: The 20 Dumbest Celebrity Quotes Of All Time

We all say dumb things. But luckily for most of us, we don’t have reporters and television cameras documenting our every word. Because no one cares what we have to say. Sadly, celebs don’t have that luxury. It’s rough for them, but occasionally hilarious for us!

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Justin Bieber was the latest famous face to stick his famous foot in his famous mouth, but saying that he hoped Holocaust icon Anne Frank “would have been a Belieber.” We guess we kind of understand wanting someone you admire to like your work, but the statement rubbed a ton of people the wrong way. It’s definitely not the first time a person of note proved just how valuable PR agents truly are. And it certainly won’t be the last!

If you want to laugh/cringe with awkwardness, head on up to the gallery above for the 20 dumbest celebrity quotes of all time. Enjoy!

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