Hey SMASHIES! This week we FINALLY got to see Bombshell make it to opening night! I never thought I would see the day, but it happened! There were some new hook-ups, some old hook-ups and some questionable hook-ups you wouldn’t want to see again. I’m here to let you know about all the essentials on Smash; from the man-kisses to the scarf counts on Debra Messing’s neck. Here we go!

10. BOMBSHELL’s OPENING NIGHT – the moment we have ALL been waiting for. Took you long enough, Smash!

9. Ivy overhears some posh British theater-goers talking about her performance as Marilyn…and it’s not good.

8. Jimmy FINALLY tells us about his sordid past. We’re not surprised that you have Daddy issues and you became a drug dealer; it’s pretty obvious.

7. NEW HOOK UP ALERT! Tom gets drunk and goes home with Kyle. Uhh Ohhhhhh!!!!!

6. Karen and Ivy finally have a bonding moment and sing a song together at Bombshell’s after-party, BUT, then a wedge is pushed between them AGAIN, when Ivy finds out Derek wanted to date Karen at the SAME time that he was sleeping with Ivy…whhhhewwwww!

5. Rosie O’Donnell makes a cameo!

4. Jimmy and his brother Adam get into a fight in front of everyone and the only one who can stop them is apparently Eileen, who pours a bucket of ice on them.

3. I thought I would never see a more awkward kiss from anyone other than Karen and Jimmy, BUT I think they met their awkward match: Julia and that guy from RENT in the back of a limo.

2. This guy is way too excited to be at this after-party.

1. I think Tom and Julia might have their next project picked out after Bombshell…..Great Gatsby: The Musical!!!!

See you next week, SMASHIES!