Doing Hard Time: 15 Celebrities Who Have Served Significant Prison Sentences

Nobody is above the law, not even the rich and famous! Even though we mostly just think of their cushy life style, a surprising number of stars have done  time in the clink. And not just overnights from DUIs, either. We’re talking long stretches and serious sentences. Hard time, y’all!

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To be honest, we’re not sure if that makes us like them more or less. Depends what they were in for, we guess…The rap sheet runs from drug smuggling to weapons possession, wreck-less driving to assault, and pretty much every conceivable change in between. Some celebs got busted long before you knew their names, while others had to endure a prison sentence under intense media glare. We can picture some folks like Mark Wahlberg and Lil’ Kim holding their own pretty well, but Tim Allen and Lindsay Lohan in prison? We just can’t see it!

Head up to the gallery above to see 15 celebrities who’ve done some big time jail time.

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