Last Lap: Where Will Lindsay Lohan Go For Rehab?

Also in today’s Last Lap, we preview a new clip from Iron Man 3, and authorities believe they’ve found Quentin Tarantino’s stolen classic convertible.

  • As she prepares for a 90-day stretch in rehab, Lindsay Lohan has one crucial detail to sort out — just exactly where she’ll spend that time. Apparently, top options include a center in Manhattan that will keep Lilo close to loved ones and a posh facility in Antigua. [E!]
  • California law enforcement officials think they’ve located Quentin Tarantino’s ’65 Chevy convertible, stolen 17 years ago. The classic car had a role in Pulp Fiction, featured as the ride for John Travolta’s Vincent Vega. [TMZ]
  • What’s in store for Tony Stark in Iron Man 3? MTV has a sneak peek of the film, in theaters May 3. [MTV]

[Photo: Getty Images]