Christina Hendricks’ 38 Best Bombshell Looks For Her 38th Birthday

Ladies and gentleman, may we present the Queen of the Boob Tube (rimshot). The earth-shatterningly lovely Christina Hendricks has won our hearts by playing the icy-but-awesome Joan Holloway (occasionally Harris) on AMC’s Mad Men. The role has lead to three Emmy nominations, numerous movie roles, and her status as a burgeoning icon. Esquire magazine has named her the Sexiest Woman in the World, and we’re not ones to disagree!

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Her acting skills are undeniable, but we simply can’t neglect to mention her flawless phsyque and fab bombshell style that gives Marilyn a run for her money. So in honor of the scarlet-haired beauty’s 38th birthday, we’ve painstakingly assembled a list of her 38 sexiest outfits of all time. Trust us, these are wayyyy too hot for the ’60s. So head on up to the gallery above, and find out why Roger Sterling just can’t get ol’ Red out of his mind. Happy birthday, Christina!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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