Last Lap: Who’s Suing Rob Kardashian?

Also in today’s Last Lap: What are the items Beyonce is demanding while on tour? Who really needs 270 outfits for rehab? And where did Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renew their vows?

  • A photographer has filed a civil suit against Rob Kardashian, claiming he assaulted her and took the memory card from her camera. The suit alludes to an incident in March when Kardashian was spotted shirtless while exercising and confronted the paparazzo. [Los Angeles Times]
  • When you’re on tour and at the top of your game, you undoubtedly feel free to request those small things that keep you balanced before you take the stage. For Beyonce, such items appear to include red toilet paper, $900 drinking straws, and “hand-carved ice balls.” [Media Takeout]
  • As she counts down to her upcoming stretch in rehab, Lindsay Lohan is packing her bags, which may end up holding 270 outfits for her three-month stay. Guess she figures no one said she had to give up being fabulous. [Daily Mail]
  • Mariah Carey went the fairy tale route when renewing her vows with Nick Cannon. The pair had a Cinderella-themed ceremony at Disneyland, and were joined by their two-year-old twins. [MTV]

[Photo: Getty Images]