The Hollywood Avengers: Stars Who Are Superheroes In Real Life

Forget Iron Man (1-3) or The Avengers for that matter, these celebrities are the real deal (and would make a great cast in the ultimate ensemble superhero movie).

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The action hero is also one in real life. In 2004, Schwarzenegger saved a drowning man who was suffering from cramps and could not make it back to shore. Too bad he couldn’t save his marriage.

Brad Pitt

A woman was nearly trampled to death on the set of the upcoming film, World War Z. Luckily, Pitt pulled her from the crowd.

Charlize Theron

Not only did Theron dance and present at the 2013 Academy Awards, she also saved a security guard’s life. The man was suffering a seizure and the actress, in gown and all, helped him get to a doctor.

Dustin Hoffman

Last year, Hoffman helped rescue a jogger who collapsed in London’s Hyde Park after the man’s heart stopped.


GOOP saved a woman’s life by almost killing her first. Paltrow almost hit a woman with her car thereby causing the almost-victim to miss her train to work that prevented her from being in the Twin Towers on that fateful day.

Harrison Ford

When a female hiker became sick and called for rescue, she had no idea with would be Han Solo. Though Princess Leia she wasn’t, she barfed in the EMT’s hat while riding in the actor’s helicopter.

Heidi Klum

The former Mrs. Seal pulled double duty on vacation in Hawaii. She modeled a fab bathing suit while rescuing her son and nanny from the undertow.

Jennifer Lawrence

Mystique traded in her villainous side for a moment of heroism when she came to aide of a woman who had collapsed outside her apartment complex. Lawrence went full on Katniss.

Kate Winslet

Probably the most dramatic and heroic of the fabled “celeb-turn-hero rescue stories,” Winslet dragged Richard Branson’s mother out of a burning house.

Liev Schreiber

In March, Schreiber rushed to the side of a woman who hurt herself outside his Los Angeles home.

Mila Kunis

Kunis helped a man after he collapsed inside her home. Apparently he suffered from a seizure so violent that he bit through his tongue and the black swan helped him through the attack.

Patrick Dempsey

McDreamy made dreams come true when he rescued a teenager from a car wreck outside his home. Apparently this scene was not scripted by Shonda Rhimes.

Ryan Gosling

Scared he was running out of reasons to make us swoon, the actor broke up a fight on the streets of Manhattan. There’s no crime on the streets that Gosling walks.

Vin Diesel

In 2002, the ’furious’ actor acted ’fast’ when he witnessed a car flip over on the highway. He pulled kids out of a burning car in a scene reminiscent of Crash, an unrelated movie.

Someone call a casting director and get all these actors in the same action hero flick, like now!