The Latest Trend Sweeping The Nation Is #BYNESING!

Hello, sane and normal people on the internet! In case you haven’t heard, #BYNESING is new trend where people cover their heads with scarves to show their love and admiration for Amanda Bynes.

Whether you prefer Amanda’s classic blue scarf or a blanket of your choosing, #BYNESING can be done anywhere. You can do it on a boat. You can do it in a moat. You can do it in a chair. You can do it in the air. You can even do it-like Amanda!-in grand old Times Square. It’s all very exciting stuff, as our star Mad Men and SMASH recapper Abby Holland explains below.

Don’t forget to post a photo of yourself Bynesing on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BYNESING (and be sure to copy us, too: @BestWeekEver on Twitter and @Vh1 on Instagram).

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