The 20 Most Skin-Tight Superhero Costumes

In order to be a superhero, you need to make sure you’ve got the bare essentials. You’ve got to have incredible superpowers, a heart-wrenching origin story, a sworn nemesis and an iconic, skin tight costume.

  • Jennifer_lawrence

  • adam_west

  • andrew_garfield

  • anne_hathaway

  • brandon_routh

  • chris_evans

  • chris_evans_ioan_gruffudd_jessica_alba_michael_chiklis

  • christopher_reeve

  • george_clooney

  • halle_berry

  • henry-cavill

  • hugh_jackman

  • jennifer_garner

  • linda_carter

  • malin_akerman

  • rebecca_romijn

  • robert_downey_jr

  • ryan_reynolds

  • scarlett_johansson

  • tobey_maguire

Iron Man 3 opens this very weekend, which means we’re finally in the throes of summer superhero movie season. To honor this auspicious occasion, we’ve tossed twenty of our favorite heroes and heroines from the silver screen (and a few from the boob tube) into the arena to battle it out. This time, they won’t be using their mutant powers or high tech arsenals to find out who wins. The victor will be the hero with the skimpiest costume. Since some heroes have had various iterations over the years–and have been played by different actors–this means that for the first time ever, Superman will battle Superman–and Batman–and Robin–and Wolverine.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who needs to seriously consider a cardigan? Find out in our list of the Top 20 Most Skin Tight Superhero Costumes.

[Photo Credit: Catwoman: Warner Bros. Pictures; The Wolverine: 20th Century Fox; X-Men: 20th Century Fox]

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