This Week On SMASH: Jerry Gets A Martini In The Face!


Hello everyone! Let’s just get the bad news out of the way first. I was saddened by SMASH this week because they killed off the sweetest character on the show, Kyle. But on the flip side, Julia doesn’t wear any scarves, Ivy goes to see rival show, Hitlist, AND stupid Jimmy is still the same angry, troubled cry baby he always is. Here are this week’s top ten moments from SMASH! This one is for you KYLE!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s do it!

10. Karen and Derek down 4 bottles of wine and then open-eye kiss.

9. Tom makes an awkward phone call to a potential hook up.

8. We get a double Jimmy montage; my worst nightmare.

7. Ivy makes a Starbucks run.

6. Ivy confronts Derek about hooking up with Karen, and then rejects him because he’ll always have a “Karen” somewhere in his back pocket.

5. Eileen throws another drink in her ex-husband, Jerry’s face.

4. AND THEN, to get back at Eileen, Jerry funds Hitlist and it will go to BROADWAY!!! Looks like Karen and Ivy will compete at the Tony AWARDS!!!!

3. Karen confesses her love for Jimmy in Brooklyn (gross).

2. This background actor gets some lines! Way to go!

1. Smash, I’m really mad at you for killing Kyle. In memory of Kyle, here are some of his best moments.

See you next week!