10 Things To Know About Joel Edgerton, The Other Other Guy In The Great Gatsby

Sure, The Great Gatsby stars the walking meme, Leonardo DiCaprio, and his buddy Tobey Maguire but there is a third guy you should really get to know: Joel Edgerton. Trust me on this. He’s sure to be the breakout star of this film, which hits theaters this weekend.

1) In The Great Gatsby, Joel plays Tom Buchanan, husband of Daisy and the film’s main villain.

2) He also rocks some serious jodhpurs.

3) In the film, he’s reunited with Jason Clarke, who was Joel’s co-star in Zero Dark Thirty.

4) Like his director, Baz Luhrmann, Joel is a fellow Aussie. (He was born in Blacktown, a suburb of Sydney. The director was also born in Sydney.)

5) In addition to acting, Joel is also a screenwriter. He wrote the neo thriller, The Square and another film called The Pitch.

6) He was Uncle Owen in the Star Wars prequels. Episodes II and III to be exact. His character, step-brother to Anakin Skywalker, takes custody of Luke at the end of the third prequel.

7) Just so you know who you are dealing with, Joel Edgerton is, like, really, really handsome.

8) Remember how he’s pretty? Well he was the crazy wig security guard in Smokin’ Aces.

9) Joel starred in the original film version of Kinky Boots, which is now a hit Broadway production.

10) And he can surf! Take that Leo.

[Photo Credits: Getty, SplashNew.com, GIF]