Kerry Washington, Mama June Or A Homeless Man: Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

Seven days have passed, and one person just had the best seven days in a row ever! Ironically enough the same person who had the best seven days in a row ever also had the Best Week Ever! Who is it? Not telling! You can tune in tomorrow, May 10, at 10/9 C to Best Week Ever to find out. For now, check out these behind the scenes clips and then vote on Who Is Having The Best Week Ever!

Michelle Buteau thinks it’s the homeless man on 42nd Street who saw her thong.

Pete Lee is voting for not-so-blushing bride, Mama June.

According to Amanda Seales, Kerry Washington isn’t just having the Best Week Ever, but possibly the Best Year Ever?

While Nick Turner is arguing that it’s McDonald’s.

All make very convincing cases, but who do YOU think is having the Best Week Ever?

Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

Don’t forget to tune in for a brand new episode of Best Week Ever tomorrow, May 10, at 10/9 C. SET YOUR DVR!