15 Celeb Moms and Their Hot Daughters…Who’s Sexier?

Hollywood obvs attracts some of the most beautiful women in the world — and pretty women tend to have pretty daughters, right? In honor of Mother’s Day (and in the spirit of slightly dysfunctional competition), we compare fifteen celeb mamas with their gorgeous mini-mes — at the same age! Hit the comments section to tell us who’s hottest.

  • Rock Royalty

  • Model Behavior

  • Golden Girls

  • Pretty Princess

  • Rumer Has It

  • It Girls

  • Cover Girls

  • Blonde Babes

  • Mod Mom

  • Huxtable Hotness

  • Amazing Face

  • Bodacious Bods

  • Mirror Image

  • Show Girls

  • Hot Girls

[Photos: Getty Images, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Twitter]

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