Benedict Cumberbatch Teases That Americans Will See New Sherlock Episodes In 2013

American fans of the British hit series, Sherlock, are already well-versed with Star Trek Into Darkness’s Benedict Cumberbatch. They’re also well-versed with the disappointment of having to wait months to see new episodes of the series on PBS when they’ve already aired in the UK. When VH1 chatted with Cumberbatch at the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere this week, the actor let it slip that he’s hopeful that American fans won’t have to wait so long-if at all-for the new series.

When the BBC announced last fall that new Sherlock episodes wouldn’t air until late 2013, American fans despaired because the assumption was that PBS wouldn’t get the rights to air the new episodes stateside until at least early 2014. However, when the VH1 news team asked Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, about the new series, here’s what he said:

So it looks like there’s a definite possibility that new episodes of Sherlock will be stateside by the end of the year, and check back next week for more on the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere.

[Photo Credit: BBC and PBS]