Kristen Wiig Returned To SNL Last Night…And So Did Garth And Kat

It’s barely been a year since Kristen Wiig left Saturday Night Live, but she returned last night to host the show. Expectations were high and Wiig lived up to them by bringing back her cadre of comedic characters-and by trying out some new stuff.

During her tenure at Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig was as popular for her over-the-top characters as she was polarizing. Wiig didn’t bring back every single character from her seven season stint, but she did reprise Gilly, “The Californians” (which has continued without her), the Target Lady, Dooneese, and Kat…

That said, the episode never really felt like a “Best of Kristen Wiig” episode, in part because she appeared in a variety of original sketches with many of the new cast members. One sketch towards the end of the night stood out in particular for being gutsy because it was so bloody:

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Ben Affleck hosts the season finale of Saturday Night Live next week with musical guest Kanye West.

[Photo Credit: NBC Universal]

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