10 Things Olivia Pope Does In Every Episode Of Scandal

As we prep for the season two finale of the ABC hit, Scandal, we look back at Olivia Pope’s most iconic habits. Kerry Washington has done an excellent job bringing the character to life and making her look flawless in every episode of the show… even when she cries. Check out the 10 habits we’ve come to expect (and enjoy) from DC’s fiercest fixer.

1. Olivia only makes fierce entrances. She’s letting you know: She has. Arrived.

2. No matter how hot the situation, she always walks away coolly.


3. How’s your cheek feel? Olivia just bitch-slapped you with her eyes.


4. When she puts it all together, it’s a Dr. House moment. Case closed.

5. She dramatically kisses all the cute (white) men. First Fitz…


…And then Jake.

6. Despite her inner strength, Olivia’s lips do quiver and her eyes do get glassy. (Ugh, thanks Fitz.)

7. She has a lot of important clients… a lot of them. When she finally gives you her ear, that won’t stop her from taking THAT call anyway.

8. Like a bride, Olivia only wears white. But since she’s single, her white couture brings all the boys to the yard.

9. Speaking of wine, she drinks a lot of red. Always from long-stem glasses. Never spilling a drop.

10. In Olivia Pope world, popcorn is a food group – to be consumed for (every) dinner.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. ’Til next season, Olivia! Promise us you’ll never stop putting these boys in their place.


The finale airs on Thursday, May 10 on ABC.

[Photo Credit: ABC, GIFs: Stacy Lambe/VH1]

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