WWOPD? Olivia Pope Solves 10 Pop Culture Crises!

We’re deva that the second season of Scandal is over. We can’t let go. So in honor of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a wily Ms. Fix-It who can solve any conundrum thrown her way — from prostitution rings to pregnant White House interns — we’ve imagined how she’d solve the top pop culture crises of the moment! From Reese’s arrest to Kim’s dress, ask yourself: What would Olivia Pope do?

  • Messy Meltdown

  • Weiner Schnitzel

  • Butt Out

  • The Blacker the Berry

  • Kardashian Konundrum

  • Adderoller Coaster

  • Jailbird Chic

  • Bros Before…

  • Pretty Pair

  • The Write Stuff

[Photos: Getty Images, ABC, Twitter, VH1]

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