Barbara Walters, Daft Punk or Amy of Amy’s Baking Company: Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

Well guys, it’s been another week filled with thrills and chills and hilarity, which means it’s time to crown another person with the honor of having the Best Week Ever! Who’s it going to be? Is it you? Is it me? Is it someone who owns a baking company? I don’t know! That’s why I’m going to be tuning in to Best Week Ever this Friday, May 17 at 10/9 C to find out! But until that shining hour comes, let’s all watch these behind-the-scenes clips and you can vote on Who Is Having The Best Week Ever.

Adam Conover believes that Daft Punk is going to “Get Lucky” this week.

While Michelle Buteau thinks that Barbara Walters is basking in the glow of having everyone stare at old photos of her looking like a foxy bunny.

Pete Lee articulates why he is also rooting for Barbara Walters.

Finally, Emily Tarver is making a strong case for Amy of Amy’s Baking Company.

Considering all this, who do YOU think is having the Best Week Ever?

Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

Don’t forget to tune in for a brand new episode of Best Week Ever tomorrow, May 17, at 10/9 C. SET YOUR DVR!