First Dibs: Is Kim Kardashian Going To Take Her Baby On Kanye West’s Tour?

Should people be upset about the twists and turns and big reveals in Star Trek Into Darkness? Is Farrah Abraham going to show her daughter her sex tape? And what new details does the new trailer for Pacific Rim reveal?

  • Kim Kardashian is planning to take her newborn baby on tour with Kanye West in October. Kanye’s touring company has been asked to provide cribs and soundproof rooms for every stop on his tour. []
  • SPOILER ALERT! Now that Star Trek Into Darkness is in theaters nationwide, people are spilling details on the villain, John Harrison, and how his identity might actually be something of a shocker. MTV News tackles this information with the question, “Why should we care?” [Like I said, SPOILER ALERT for the content at the original source,]
  • In a recent radio interview, Farrah Abraham admitted that she will show her young daughter her sex tape with James Deen when the girl is “13 or 14.” Apparently, Farrah is compiling her biggest career moments (Teen Mom episodes, her book, her porn…) into a “baby box” to share with her daughter. [Zap2It]
  • A new trailer for Pacific Rim has been released and reveals much more of the film’s backstory and explains that yes, the film is about humans building giant robots to fight alien monsters who rise out of the Pacific Ocean:

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