Talking To Best Week Ever‘s Dan St. Germain About His New Comedy Central Special

Comedian Dan St. Germain often brings the laughs (and occasionally plays God) on Best Week Ever, but at midnight tonight his Comedy Central special, The Half Hour: Dan St. Germain, will air. I got the chance to catch up with Dan St. Germain at Best Week Ever HQ and talk to him about the special tonight, as well as what’s coming up on the horizon for him.

VH1: So, your first Comedy Central half hour special is airing tonight at midnight. Could you take us through how that comes about?

Dan St. Germain: I just bribed them.

No, no, you just submit a tape and hopefully they think it’s funny.

I’ve seen you recently at open mics and shows all over New York and I know you’re working all the time on amazing new material. How did you decide what material would go into the half hour? How new and how old is the material?

I would say about half of it’s from the last year, and the other half is really old stuff. Stuff that was from like two or three years ago

Like the classic Dan St. Germain hits?

(nods) The classic Dan St. Germain hits. My “Hotel Californias.”

Now, no pressure, because everyone’s listening (NOTE: this interview was conducted in front of the Best Week Ever crew), but what is your favorite part about working on Best Week Ever?

I love just working with the amazing cast and crew and staff. (To the cast, crew and staff staring at him) They’re the best.

(Everyone applauds.)

We only have two more episodes of Best Week Ever this season, so after that, where can fans of you see you?

On the street.

On the street?

I’m going to be hanging around.

My live schedule is up at Hopefully I’ll be back here at (Best Week Ever at) some point. There’s a webseries that’s going to coming out, hopefully in the fall. It’s an animated webseries about my life as a security guard. And me and Sean Donnelly will be on a Comedy Central-Sirius podcast.

You can check out Dan St. Germain tonight on Best Week Ever at 10/9 C! Dan’s Comedy Central half hour¬†special airs tonight at midnight!