First Dibs: Why Did Emma Watson’s Bling Ring Make Paris Hilton Cry?

What’s Bill Hader going to do after Saturday Night Live? Is Amy Adams revealing a bit too much skin in her new flick? Will Star Trek Into Darkness beat down Iron Man 3 at the box office?

  • Paris Hilton was one of the real-life celebrities targeted by the now infamous “Bling Ring”, and when she saw Emma Waston’s new film about the events, she burst into tears. “It’s so violating. It just made me really angry and upset, and when I see these kids, I want to, like, slap them.” [New York Magazine]
  • Bill Hader is leaving Saturday Night Live after tonight’s season finale and doubts he’ll do impressions or spearhead a Stefon movie in the future. One thing that is for sure is that he will be relocating from New York to California with his family. [US Magazine]
  • Amy Adams is revealing quite a bit in her new David O. Russell flick. The actress was seen walking around in an extremely (like, extremely) low-cut dress with a permed Bradley Cooper. [The Daily Mail]
  • Star Trek Into Darkness is expected to push Iron Man 3 out of the top box office spot this weekend. The Star Trek sequel is on track to gross around $100 million this weekend, while Iron Man 3 should only take in about $30 million. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]