Doctor Who??? Will We Find Out The Doctor’s Name Tonight?

Doctor Who fans are supposed to be in for a big treat–and a big reveal tonight. Not only is tonight’s episode the season finale, but after 50 years of teases, we are supposed to finally find out what the Doctor’s name really is.

So what could it be? We have a few ideas of our own…

What if the Doctor’s name is…

  • ’Kyle’
  • or
  • ’Cindy’
  • or
  • ’Box Cutter’
  • or
  • ’Why’
  • or
  • what if it’s actually ’Who’
  • or
  • maybe it’s ’Jesus’
  • or
  • perhaps it’s ’Matt Smith
  • or
  • I bet it’s ’Benedict Cumberbatch’!!!!!

Okay, it’s probably not going to be any of those, and yes, we know that some people have already leaked a recording of his name on the internet, but we don’t want to listen because…

More importantly, WHAT IS CLARA’S DEAL? Is she a trap from the Great Intelligence or is she the Red Riding Hood to Rose’s Bad Wolf or is she a manifestation of time or is she Rose and 10.5’s daughter or is she just a hot British girl in a mini-skirt or is she….

All the answers–well, some of the answers–will be revealed tonight.

Doctor Who airs in the United States tonight on BBC America at 8/7 C. If you can’t see it then, you should stay away from Tumblr.

[Photo Credit: BBC]