The 15 Greatest Prom Scenes In Movie History

We thought this was a party! LET'S DANCE!

Everyone knows that the high school prom is the greatest most important day of your life! Or at least one of them. Definitely in the top 10 days…or 20. Right guys? Maybe not, but it would probably make the top 100, though. Perhaps? OK, but we can all agree that prom is definitely a day in your life. Unless you didn’t go. In which case, that’s cool too.*

Yes, it’s true: Prom is kind of lame. It’s just a fact. No matter how great the DJ, our big nights NEVER matched up to the epic spring flings we saw in the movies. Those on-screen nights filled with young romance, snazzy outfits, cool cars, great music, choreographed dancing and underdogs coming out on top set our hearts on fire and our imaginations into flight. Our Mens Warehouse tux and awkward slow-dancing to Edwin McCain just couldn’t compare. But in honor of prom season, we’ve decided to revisit some cinematic proms that were wayyyy more memorable than our own.

15. American Pie (1999)

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