This Week On Mad Men: Little Dicky Loses His Virginity!

Mad Men this week was full of flashbacks, drug trips and Sally’s attitude. Don threw a phone, Peggy kissed a co-worker and we FINALLY saw BETTY!  We got to see more of Don’s past when he was living in a whore house AND a thief stole 3 of Don’s watches! Let’s pour ourselves a stiff one and read the top ten moments from Mad Men together.

Here we go!

10.  Like the dog he is, Don left his mark in front of his ex-lover’s backdoor in hopes that she will notice him and re-start the affair.

9. A bunch of guys at the office get shots of “energy serum” in the butt and then go on their own sweaty, whacky, drugged-out trips!


8. Betty is back and in full swing; while a mini-Betty is brewing and turning into her mother every day.


7. Ken shows us his best soft shoe, ragtime dancing!


 6. A hippie/fortune-teller tries to seduce Don with a stethoscope.

5. Peggy kisses the bearded man!

4. Just when I thought that I’d seen the most disturbing things from Sally, she goes and starts reading Rosemary’s Baby! New hash tag alert!

3. The most awkward elevator ride happens.

2. A scary older lady robs a bunch of apartments in the building including Don’s. She pretends to be Sally’s grandmother and very slyly steals 3 of Don’s watches.

1. We get to see how Don lost his virginity! Of course an older prostitute popped that cherry!

See you next week!