First Dibs: Have The Years Been Kind To Keanu Reeves?

Who stole the show at last night’s Hangover 3 premiere? Is the Jersey Shore moving to the Hamptons? Plus, a complete guide to what the gang from Arrested Development has been up to since their last season in 2006.

  • Whoa. Keanu Reeves is not the toned hottie he used to be. The 48-year-old actor was seen looking bloated and disheveled at the Cannes Film Festival. Maybe he and Morpheus should do some more kung fu sparring sometime soon. [Radar Online]
  • Sure, The Hangover series is all about bromine, but at last night’s premiere, actress Heather Graham stole the show. The starlet plays a stripper named Jade in the series and arrived in a gorgeous jade green gown. [Daily Mail]
  • The Jersey Shore’s Pauly D got a Great Gatsby themed makeover and posted it online. Could we be looking at a Jersey Shore sequel show about modern life in West Egg? [US Magazine]
  • Arrested Development finally returns–after 7 years of cancelation–with a new season on Netflix this Sunday. Hit up to find out what Michael, Lucille and Tobias Funke have been up to all these years. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]