The 10 Most Ridic Drunk Scenes in Film History…or “Let’s Go Streaking!”

We’re amped for The Hangover Part III — and not just because Douchey Bradley Cooper is so boneable. No, we’re always delighted to watch the shenanigans of a merry band of drunken fools! And in the spirit of booze-soaked hilarity, we’re looking back on ten of the funniest drunk scenes, ever. As Old School’s Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell, above) said, “Once it hits your lips it’s so good!”

  • In Da Club

  • Greek Tragedy

  • OG Alchoholic

  • Frisky Flight

  • Party Animals

  • DUI Disaster

  • Potty Mouth

  • Naked Wasted

  • Ding Dong

  • Blues Clues

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