15 Of Naomi Campbell’s Angriest Faces

Discovered at the age of 15, the British model turns 43 today. Over the past 28 years of her modeling career, Naomi Campbell has given us all sorts of fierce and commanding looks. But none of them top her angry faces, which have been seen on The Face (Oxygen’s modeling reality competition series) to strutting down the street to complete community service. So we honor the model’s birthday with all her angriest faces… let’s just hope she won’t throw a cell phone at us!

  • Angry Shopper

  • Angry Fan

  • Angry Interviewee

  • Angry Walker

  • Angry Joker

  • Angry Party-Goer

  • Angry Vacationer

  • Angry Store-Opener

  • Annoyed Phone-User

  • Annoyed Phone-User 2

  • Angry Witness

  • Angry Mentor

  • Angry Confessional

  • Angry Sitter

  • Just Over It

[Photo Credit: SplashNews.com, Getty; GIFs: Tumblr]