In The Driver’s Seat With Jordana Brewster

On Friday, Fast & Furious 6 hits theaters marking the sixth edition of the series that has spanned twelve years. Once again, the entire cast is back, including Jordana Brewster who portrays Mia Toretto – Dom’s (Vin Diesel) loyal sister and Brian’s (Paul Walker) husband. VH1 Celebrity put Brewster in the driver’s seat and quizzed on her own driving experience and who she’d beat in a real race.

VH1 Celebrity: How many times did you take your driving test before you passed?

Jordana: Once, which was really good. There was a ticking clock. If I didn’t get my license I wasn’t going to be able to get insured for the movie. Within a week of taking my driving test, we were flown to Las Vegas for this special driving class. So I had to pass or I wouldn’t have been in the movie.

So you didn’t have a driver’s license growing up?

No I didn’t. I grew up in New York so I basically always took the subway everywhere or taxis or the bus.

Can you drive stick like Mia does in the film series?

No. I tried. I told (director) Justin Lin I was going to learn how to do it. And then I learned in a parking garage in Westwood. It was so boring and so complicated at the same time. You know I went up and down this parking garage. Then the instructor was like, ’okay, so you’re ready to hit the streets now.’ And I was like, ’no, I think I’ll pass.’ Luckily all we have to do is fake it. And Paul is kind of an expert on what to do and I just ask him, ’does this look believable?’ And that’s how I do it.

What’s your favorite car from the film series?

I really liked the 95 Volkswagen Jetta GLX that Jesse drove in the first one but I also like the 70 Dodge Charger R/T.

What’s your go-to way of getting out of a ticket?

You know, I tried once with a cop. I was really close to my house when I got pulled over and I really had to pee. I told him that and he didn’t care. He gave me a ticket anyway but he stopped traffic so I could get to my house faster. But the cops are real tough in LA. There’s no room in getting out of a ticket there.

Do you still like taking road trips after filming Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Not so much. You know, it kind of killed it for me.

What kind of music do you listen to while driving?

There’s so much traffic in LA that I’m kind of a geek and I download podcasts and listen to those. It helps pass the time. If not, I’m usually listening to hip-hop.

How much of your own driving did you get to do in the film series?

In this one, none. We are usually in front of a green screen. They are throwing water at us or there’s flashing lights. They are like, ’react to the big plane behind you’ or ’there’s an explosion on your left.’ It’s kind of fun, you feel kind of like a geek but you know it’ll end up great. And I thought it did. And the whole sequence at the end where I was driving looked insane.


Are you a better driver now than you were at the beginning of the series?

Definitely. I first started driving in New York. When I got to LA I wanted to avoid the freeways and highways and was super afraid of everyone driving so fast. Now, I’m the super-aggressive driver. If anything, I drive a little too fast.

What was one thing you learned about cars that you didn’t know before joining the series?

The car Paul and I were driving in Brazil broke down because it started to overheat. We poured water on the engine and that seemed to counter-intuitive to me. It was like, ’that would completely mess up the car’ but it didn’t. So I know that you can do that but I wouldn’t try it. So that’s probably something.

What was your favorite scene to film from the series?

I think every time we are all in the backyard of the Toretto house it feels really good. As a cast, we barely ever get to all be in the same room at once. The first time we shot it it felt like we had something special. This time around [in Fast & Furious 6] it felt like we came full circle.

Were you excited that your character got to do some serious driving in Fast Five?

Yeah, that was really fun. Five was fun for me because I got to do a lot more action, which was great. Anytime you get to do action in a Fast & Furious movie it’s just fun because they make you look so bad-ass. I mean it’s an action movie. It gets to the point where we are doing a talky scene, you kinda get bored. I loved doing all of that in Five.

Who is the worst driver in the cast?

It used to be me. I would say it’s a tie between me and Michelle because Michelle didn’t have her license at the time. Then Paul’s really, really good at driving. It has become his hobby. I think it would be me or Michelle.

Who would win in a race – you or Michelle?

Me but I mean Michelle because she’s got a lot more guts than I do.

Were you surprised by the ending of this film?

Yes. The first time I saw it, I walked out because I didn’t know there was going to be a twist. And the second time I stayed and I loved it. It was so good.

Will we see you in Fast Seven?

I hope so! I think we all are supposed to come back.

Fast Seven is already scheduled to hit theaters sometime in 2014 but until then Fast & Furious 6 opens nationwide on Friday, May 24th.

[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures, Getty]