10 Unbelievably Sexy Sidekicks [POLL]


Every great hero (or anti-hero) needs an awesome sidekick to help them carry out their deeds. But what happens when the number two can actually turn more heads than the man or woman in charge?

We’re highlighting some of the sexier sidekicks out there, and you tell us whether they’re actually hotter than their head honchos.

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Sidekick: First Officer Spock of Star Trek (played by Zachary Quinto)
Associate of: Captain James T. Kirk (played by Chris Pine)

Spock’s astute logic is a welcome foil to Captain Kirk’s sometimes cocky demeanor, though we all know there’s a deeper side to the half-human, half-Vulcan scientist. Plus, if he’s hot enough for Uhura, he’s hot enough for us.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Star Trek” duo?

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Sidekick: Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad (played by Aaron Paul)
Associate of: Walter White aka Heisenberg aka The Danger (played by Bryan Cranston)

It’s Jesse Pinkman, yo! Recruited by his high school chemistry teacher to cook meth, Jesse’s been taken through an emotional downward spiral (losing his girlfriend to a drug overdose, committing his first murder, etc.) even as he’s raised his profile in Albuquerque’s criminal underworld. And even though he’s had his share of mishaps, you have to admit, he is kinda cute.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Breaking Bad” duo?

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Sidekick: Mikaela Banes of Transformers (played by Megan Fox)
Associate of: Sim Witwicky (played by Shia LaBeouf)

Ok, putting all the drama behind the franchise aside, just think about this question. If you’re destined to help alien robots defeat another race of alien robots, who would you recruit to assist you in your quest? Well, Sam Witwicky managed to find hottie Mikaela, his high school crush who just happened to have awesome skills as a mechanic.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Transformers” duo?

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Sidekick: Eric Murphy of Entourage (played by Kevin Connolly)
Associate of: Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier)

There’s nothing wrong with bringing your best friend to Hollywood to share in your ascent to stardom. But Eric’s more than a glorified wingman — he ends up helping Vinnie make crucial decisions about his career and steers a long-term party into a bonafide business.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Entourage” duo?

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Sidekick: Dr. John H. Watson of Sherlock Holmes (played by Jude Law)
Associate of: Sherlock Holmes (played by Robert Downey, Jr.)

Of the various Sherlock Holmes adaptations floating around, this franchise puts two of Hollywood’s hottest actors together in the lead roles. Jude Law takes on Dr. Watson, Holmes’ loyal but increasingly weary assistant and flatmate.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Sherlock Holmes” duo?

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Sidekick: Cecilia “Cece” Parekh of New Girl (played by Hannah Simone)
Associate of: Jessica “Jess” Day (played by Zooey Deschanel)

Cece may not be helping best buddy Jess fight crime or solve mysteries, but she manages to keep her socially awkward friend grounded during the ups and downs they face in their early 30s. Plus, she always looks stylish doing it.

Who’s the sexier part of the “New Girl” duo?

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Sidekick: Rusty Ryan of Ocean’s Eleven (played by Brad Pitt)
Associate of: Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney)

While Danny Ocean worked a side plot to win back the woman of his dreams, Rusty made sure the plan for their original Vegas heist went off without a hitch. Maybe he had his own ulterior motive — not wanting to continue teaching poker to Hollywood starlets.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Ocean’s Eleven” duo?

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Sidekick: Alice Morgan of Luther (played by Ruth Wilson)
Associate of: Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (played by Idris Elba)

If you haven’t yet seen the BBC’s Luther, quickly get yourself to the nearest Netflix account and begin streaming. The show’s first season (er, series) sees adversary Alice Morgan eventually come to the aid of DCI Luther as he battles his personal and professional demons. And it was probably for the better, since no one really wants to be on Alice’s bad side — just ask her parents.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Luther” duo?

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Sidekick: Lisbeth Salander of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (played by Rooney Mara)
Associate of: Mikael Blomkvist (played by Daniel Craig)

When investigating decades-old kidnappings, disturbed computer hacker Lisbeth Salander is obviously an invaluable asset. She also comes in handy if you want anyone tortured within an inch of his or her life.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” duo?

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Sidekick: Lana Kane of Archer (voiced by Aisha Tyler)
Associate of: Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin)

Ok, this one is just for giggles, since animated characters can’t really be sexy (the Comic Con fans have yet to convince us otherwise).

Besides, independent woman Lana Kane would likely take exception to being labeled the sidekick of her ex, since she feels he only gets the best assignments at their spy agency because his mom runs the show. But she always seems to be on hand when her borderline inept colleague needs help, even if it is because he thinks she still has the hots for him.

Who’s the sexier part of the “Archer” duo?

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