10 Celebs Rocking Speedos For Summer

Happy Memorial Day! Now that summer if finally here, it’s time to start planning those beach vacations. We know that celebrities will be hitting up exotic locations all around the world. And it would be a shame to go halfway around the world and not fully appreciate the weather. That’s why these celebs are doing it right: stripping down and soaking up the sun.¬†Even if the beach is not your thing, you can certainly appreciate these hard bodies sporting Speedos.

  • WWE Raw wrestler Dave Batista

  • Rodrigo Santoro

  • Daniel Craig

  • Michael Phelps

  • Ryah Lochte

  • X-Factor contestant Marcus Collins

  • Russell Brand

  • Rod Stewart

  • Jerry O’Connell

  • Paul Rudd

[Photos: SplashNews.com]