The Arrested Development Drinking Game!

It’s finally here! After seven years of being off the air, Arrested Development is finally coming back…TODAY! To celebrate the premiere of season four on Netflix, we’ve put together an Arrested Development drinking game that’s guaranteed to get you Lucille Bluth levels of drunk.

–Take a sip of your favorite brew anytime Gob makes “a huge mistake.”

–Drink something girly anytime Tobias inadvertently does something gender bending (or refers to being a never nude).

–Chug what’s in front of you anytime Buster calls himself a “monster.”

–Have a sip of cold water anytime it’s implied that George Michael and Maeby might get together (or are getting together).

–Take a shot whenever Kitty Sanchez flashes someone.

–Sip on a banana daquiri anytime the banana stand comes up.

–Take a drink whenever a family member disappoints Michael.

–Make sure you take a long gulp of water anytime the show flashes back to something that happened earlier.

–Take a shot anytime Lucille does something gif-worthy:

–Have a drink if you see the stair car.

–Drink all of the alcohol whenever there’s a conspicuous guest star.

Basically, anytime the new season calls back to a joke in the original three seasons, GET WASTED. It will only make it funnier, and whether the new series is as good as the original show or not, it’s important that we laugh while watching it.

Season Four of Arrested Development is streaming on Netflix now.

[Photo Credit: Netflix, Gif Credit: Fox]