First Dibs: Why Is Ben Affleck Gloating Over Best Friend Matt Damon?

Are Will Smith and Jaden Smith self-aware? How did Michael Douglas learn how to play the piano like Liberace for Behind the Candelabra? Do you remember what happened during the first three seasons of Arrested Development?

  • Ben Affleck received an honorary doctorate from Brown University this weekend. In his acceptance speech he gloated that he had surpassed Matt Damon in higher education. [People]
  • Will Smith and son Jaden sat down with New York Magazine for an amazing interview wherein Will describes himself as a “physicist” and Jaden waxes about his love of Cartier. It’s also established that Willow Smith prefers shopping at Target and being a real 12 year old as opposed to engaging in fame, and to Will and Jaden that’s Willow doing “her own thing.” [NY Mag]
  • Viewers were stunned by a lot of things in Behind The Candelabra this weekend, but perhaps the biggest surprise, outside of Scott Bakula being hotter than ever, was how Michael Douglas learned how to play piano as well as Liberace–except he didn’t. His head was digitally added to the body of pianist Philip Fortenberry. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • If you found yourself forgetting any of Arrested Development’s key plot points while binge-watching season four this weekend, has a handy guide to the original series. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]