As tears fell down my face, I finished watching the finale and felt a bittersweet SMASH wave come over me. The finale had everything; stylized camera moves, Times Square walk-throughs, name droppings, Tom on the prowl for some man meat, Jimmy tantrums, horrible loaded plot-driving dialogue, we heard Eileen sing (YIKES), and lots of loose ends got tied up. I’ve had a torrid love affair with Smash since the beginning and I’m sad to see it go, so let’s go out with a 5,6,7,8 –SMASH!

Here we go –

12. In true Smash form, we open on some titties and a sing-along song!

11. Tom makes a chipmunk face in the audience at a Shakespeare play.

10. CAMEO! Michael Musto interviews Jimmy about Hitlist and writes without looking at his notepad.

9. Ivy is getting more and more preggers and has morning sickness!!!

8. Tom fights over a bottle of wine and it breaks all over the floor.

7. Derek reveals all of the bad things he did to a reporter on the record, then goes into a drunken, bed-ridden tailspin.

6. Another sing-along breaks out as the cast walks down the street to “Under Pressure.” PEOPLE ON STREETS! #QueenSingAlong

5. Abridged Tony breakdown – Presented by Rosie O’Donnell:
Best Musical: Bombshell; Best Actress: Ivy Lynn; Best Book: Kyle (Hitlist); Best Music and Lyrics: Tom and Julia (Bombshell)

4. Is it possible that I am in love with Jimmy now after delivering an amazing speech at the TONY’S????? He’s finally potty trained – too bad, he’s going to jail for his drug-filled past.

3. An amazing A CAPELLA performance happened at the Tony’s by the cast of Hitlist as evil Daisy watched in contempt.

2. Tom breaks the fourth wall and looks to the camera after kissing his new boy toy!!!!!!

1. After the last big finishing number at the very end, I was so satisfied, I needed a Smash cigarette. Goodbye Smash, it’s been quite a ride and I will miss you!